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I find great joy in this fast paced ever changing industry. I believe that one of the keys to good health is a balance of a happy mind and a peaceful body. Once you get the beautiful hairstyle that you have been dreaming of you will feel greater balance. I enjoy the combination of art and science that my profession has to offer you. With great attention to that delicate balance and detail you will receive an expert service. I have been in the industry since the eighties and I am still loving every minute of it. I attend high energy fashion focused classes each year. These classes infuse life changing magic of the beauty industry into me and I pass that on to you. I offer services for the entire family. Hair shaping, cutting, styling,and coloring of all types and dimensions. I also offer eyebrow shaping with wax removal. If you have a special event and need an updo, I can help you get that graceful elegance or modern messy elegance, you choose. I am Cookie, not Lavagetto, but Conner. I am Salt, not Pink Himalayan, but American. I am Light, not artificial but alive and creative. I like trivia and Baseball. My favorite sport to watch is American Ninja Warrior. My favorite type of festival is storytelling. I love Ted Talks and YouTube.  My favorite hobby is gardening. I love life, I love people, pets, places and experiences. I want to make your experience life changing and magical for you. I am still loving every minute of it and waiting to meet you.